6 Questions regarding Laser Varicose Vein Surgery Treatment

The vein treatment utilizes Endovenous laser tyreatment[EvLT] technology is called EvLT treatment. Most of the health insurance plans cover the EvLT treatment. This enables all kinds of men and women to get rid of throbbing, aching, and unsightly veins without having leg vein surgery such as vein stripping. This treatment does not require a lengthy recovery and it is easy and quick too.


The satisfaction of patients with EvLT vein treatment near me is high. Under local anesthesia, it can be performed on an outpatient basis. This has the following advantages:

  • Downtime is little
  • Procedure time is short
  • Aesthetic results are excellent
  • Discomfort is minimal



Q1. Who is eligible for Laser vein treatments?


If you are going to seek vein treatment when you are suffering from the aching and cramping of your legs, then the vein specialist will arrange ultrasound testing for you. This non-invasive mapping will be performed in the office. The affected saphenous veins are clearly visible in the ultrasound procedure. On the day of treatment, your doctor will provide you the treatment map.



Q2. What kind of veins can be treated?

According to a vein doctor, this treatment is for the greater saphenous veins. For the development of most varicose veins, this major vein of the leg is responsible. This is the best alternative for the traditional stipping surgery of the greater saphenous veins.

Q3. How it will proceed?


To make the treatment virtually painless, a local anesthetic will be applied to the length of your vein on the day of your laser vein treatment Paramus. Near the knee, a thin laser fiber will be inserted through a very small point with the help of ultrasound technology. After insertion, it will target the varicose veins wall and with the laser energy, it will close the vein. This will cause the re-routing of the blood. This procedure only requires 1-3 hours. After getting this laser treatment you can resume your daily activity. It will be performed in an outpatient setting.

Q4. Does EvLT can be covered in the insurance?

The cost of the ultrasound mapping sessions is covered by most health insurance plans. It will also cover a large percentage of the cost of the endovenous laser treatments. It mostly depends on your health care policy. Any fees associated with sclerotherapy for cosmetic refinement are not included in this plan. You may need to speak with vein treatment near me Paramus to make sure you are pre-approved.


Q5. What happens after the treatment?


The doctor at varicose vein treatment Paramus says that you will resume your normal routine. You must do walking for the next 3-4 days. You may slightly experience tightness and bruising on the treated leg. In just a few days, any discomfort should lessen. Compression stockings during the daytime are recommended for at least two weeks.

Q6. WIll my all veins be gone?

There are two types of saphenous veins present in each leg- a smaller vein and a larger vein. The larger veins can cause blood pooling, itching, and cramping in your legs that can only be treated by surgery. While sclerotherapy is being used in treating smaller varicose veins.

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Though common and easy to respond to on treatment, spider and varicose veins have become concerns of thousands of people. As we all know it is not a severe issue but can take a toll on emotional and physical well-being. This whole issue can get corrected through regular visits to the vein center. There you can get various ways to treat venous insufficiency and treatments that will heal your ailment in just two or three sessions along with no to less downtime. Bid adieus to those weak and ugly veins and step into smooth and healthy legs with the help of a vein center.

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